What is CocoMana?

Hello! Thank you for stopping by our page!   My name is Simar and I’m a physician, a wife and a mother of 3!  I was born in New York and remained on the east coast where I completed all of my Medical training.  In 2015 I got married and moved to Vancouver, Canada.   Once I got settled into my hospital job, I started an Aesthetics practice that focused on Botox, Fillers and Skincare.  My husband and I expanded our family and we had 3 kids in under 4 years!  Like every parent knows.. it’s hard to imagine life without them or what life was like before them! They love watching the show CocoMelon which is a fun, educational, unbiased children cartoon and song show.  My middle child, who is very independent, confident and resilient could never say the actual name and kept calling it “CocoMana.”  Pretty soon, we all started to call it that.   When we wanted to have fun, lighten the mood,  learn something and bring some color to the room we would put on “CocoMana.” 

This boutique was created with that sentiment in mind.   I wanted a place that showcased vetted products for the home, family and kids all while not only using my medical knowledge but also practical knowledge as a mom of 3.   

All of the products we present have been highly reviewed and are used  for home, parents/adults or kids.   

We hope we can bring a little sun, cheer and “CocoMana” to your day!